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It’s for the first time that Facebook got the better of YouTube by beating it at its own game. Yes, that’s true! According to’s latest report, Facebook’s Super Bowl Commercial Video views have overtaken You Tube’s Super Bowl video watch count. It is a known fact that Google’s YouTube is currently ranked as the No.1 video hosting solution. Although, with Facebook adding video hosting support to its platform the comparison between the two domains becomes almost inevitable.

As of February 2, 2016, video views data showed that Facebook’s Super Bowl ad video views accounted for 75 million hits, while You Tube’s video watch counts were 74.9 million. On the contrary,’s findings show that last year, same time, YouTube was leading the pack with 87.6 million views, while Facebook’s video watch count came up to 45.5 million.

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In the recent past, when the two social networking giants had been battling it out, YouTube took the honors for last year’s Super Bowl video watch counts and Facebook reportedly earned 25% of the overall Super Bowl commercial views online. However, YouTube has constantly been denying the fact that its position as the premier video hosting solution is now in jeopardy due to emergence of Facebook’s video hub option.

Also, there’s a lot of debate on how video views are being counted on both the platforms. On one hand Facebook is pretty generous in its counting system, as it counts three seconds of video watch as a view. Whereas, You Tube uses a more standard approach by counting 30 seconds of video watch as a view on its platform.

But in order to make a fair comparison, used the 3-second standard counting system for both the platforms before coming out with its latest report.

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