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The content has emerged as the undisputed king of the realm. No other tricks or tactics can beat the effectiveness and usefulness of a great content.

But wait – You already know that, didn’t you?

You: Off-course why else I would be reading this!

Well, then let’s jump straight to the point: You are trying to lure traffic from the web using the content, but your content is lacking that magical effect which engages the audience.

We were analyzing the content strategy of one of the biggest companies in the entire planet world i.e. “Apple” with a trillion dollars turnover.

So how a company earns such money that we can’t even imagine?

How they are using the simple tactics in such a powerful way that they have become a symbol of innovation despite the fact that there are several other companies who are doing really well and are really close or even beat Apple in some cases.

Let’s raise the curtain:

1. Don’t go for quantity, target quality.

However, it’s an old saying but many have forgotten the power of these 6 words. A majority of the companies try hard to reach as many people as possible with their products, but Apple doesn’t want to do that. They focus on most profitable market and not the largest one. Due to this they succeed in creating excellent content since the whole content is carefully crafted around the select set. It not only helps them to connect their targeted audience easily but also helps in making a lasting impression.

2. Find a problem that your product offers the solution to.

When you solve people’s problems they come close to you, it’s a human tendency! Apple plays around it.

For instance, they show a video where an old man is struggling with heavy computer and they replace it with a Mac. Problem solved!

But the words they choose for the ad was simple yet catchy.

So two things are notable here:

A. Every product or service (Well, almost) solves a problem, find yours.

B. Deliver your message in short, simple yet hammering way.

3. Utilize Storytelling to Connect With Your Audience

Apple is expert in many things, but the storytelling is one of their best expertise. They have honed the skill of storytelling and use it in the most profitable way. Like they don’t bore you with heavy or fancy big words, they simply use common words and even slangs while telling their story.

Look at this short yet descriptive tag line proving my words.Delivering a powerful message in just a few words.


Creating a story around product helps in creating lasting bond & It is a great way to make people feel involved.

P.S. – Visit their website and go through any product description, you will get the clear picture.

4. Play Around the Emotions (Not literally)

As the above point tells, Apple uses stories to connect with their audience. This is because humans don’t make purchase on the basis of information. No matter up-to which extent you provide information to a person but he will take the final decision based on emotion. This is why you need to write copy or create content that evokes the right emotions.

5. Don’t Underestimate Younger Audience

If your product is for adults, like car engines, spare parts, grinder (what you thought will not count!) it can be targeted to the younger audience as well. Maybe they don’t have deep pockets but if you cater them, you are sowing seeds of a lasting relation. This younger audience can also bring many others along with them like Parents, grandmother, uncles, aunts, etc.

Remember that the “Die Hard Fans” of Apple belongs to this younger group and you already know how much they help in creating hype.

6. Add a Personal Touch

Apple is also good in giving their ad campaigns a “Personal touch”. They invited videos and photos shot using iPhones by their customers and created a video. This video went viral and performed beyond expectations.

The engagement rate of audience increases when they feel involved. You can also utilize this strategy by inviting photos and videos from your customer, and then creating ad around it.

7. Blogs

Like many others, Apple too uses blogs to provide latest news and updates regarding their products and services. You can check out their charitable programs, steps they take towards environment conservation and so on.

A blog is an excellent medium to keep your audience informed and engaged. It also helps in achieving good rankings in SERP.

8. Tantalize your customers

We have all seen that the new product launch of the Apple is a world event. There’s so much hype around it that even haters can’t resist. This is all because of the Intrigue that surrounds apple products.

People keep assuming: What will be the new update?

I have heard that they have introduced a new feature…

This is because they don’t reveal everything at once. They just release a piece of it and leave people assuming. This generates a lot of curiosities that people wait for days to get their hands on the new iPhone.

You can also generate curiosity by sharing small bits of content about the upcoming product.

9. Don’t get “Typed”

We have already seen that many companies after achieving a certain height become “Typed”. They become so monotonous that even their loyal customer find it difficult to get excited while seeing their new ad or interacting with them.

Always keep the human essence alive in your company. To be specific, be experimental, cut your own paths and rules sometimes, maintain a sense of fun and most importantly, when customers are interacting or you are launching a new ad: DONT DO IT IN THE CORPORATE STYLE.


I hope you know have a fair idea on where you were lacking, on which aspect you are already doing good and which are the points that are really useful for you. There are many things we can learn from the Apple.

But, don’t copy. Maintain your own uniqueness and keep experimenting. Who knows you can become a role model too.

All you had to do is become your own critic and set the highest possible benchmark for your content & after fishing the content, view it from the perspective of your targeted audience.

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