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Search engines keeps changing trends nearly everyday . So, to keep up with the recent happenings, it is essential to “get social”. It will not be wrong to assume that having a strong presence in the social space will be a major part to consider in any more future updates. With these recent updates in the Social Media world, it has become much more important now for the web marketers to understand different aspects of social sharing. This can actually help in increasing the visibility in the search engines.

Even according to the Penguin updates, Google looks for more quality (improves the ranking of your website, in turn, increasing visibility ) than quantity as far as content is concerned. It also looks for relevant subject matter and then determines if the content is original and is valuable to the user.

It’s important to “get social”, primarily because it’s about creating a fundamentally engaging experience for the website visitor that brings them closer to your organization. And those who are not socially active, suffer!


In a recent survey, it was seen that those sites which had a strong social presence ( say about, 300K keywords across 200 and more domains) showed a rank improvement as their updates stayed. However, when tweets reduced even slightly the average rank for that page decreased disproportionately.

In another study done by Brightedge , it was noticed that if users were targeted with keywords in tweets it “saw a 300% rise in user engagement which, in turn, improved the average rank across keywords for targeted pages by 47%”. It also pointed out that, “users responded positively to the Tweets since the content of the Tweets ( keywords and pages) matched their interests. This resulted in a 2.5X increase in traffic for the pages, mentioned in Tweets “ .

So, now we know that increasing the levels of tweets, while including specific keywords can affect rankings, traffic and over all user engagement,

But our next question is does the quality (in terms of content) of Tweet also matters?

Yes it does! Since Twitter only gives 140 characters to Tweet, make sure you only out relevant content. This means that with such a limit, you need to be wise while choosing words for your tweets. There are two ways to ensure that you are effectively conveying your message:

Firstly, remember one basic rule: content in king. So, whenever you tweet or put updates, keep a check on your content (otherwise Google will do it). Your content must be unique and different from others for your brand promotion, at the same time it should also be relevant and interactive.

Secondly, keep your tweets of any other updates brief and crisp, yet descriptive and relevant. Do not leave gaps in your post, for users to guess or fill in. Users may tag your post as “TL;DR” (Too Long; Didn’t Read) . This usually happens when the post is too long to read . Long content often sidelines the main focus of the post.

Just follow some simple rules and perfect your tweets:

We hope these tips are useful. As always, let us know how you feel about them.

Happy Tweeting!

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Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.