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Running an eCommerce website is a tricky business. Why tricky? Because a majority of people prefer online shopping these days due to various factors like lack of time, no proper stores nearby etc. But still not all ecommerce websites drive sales. Then where do they lack when buyers are ready to invest? To avoid this, here are some factors you should take care of:

Designing and Navigation
Have a website which any Tom, Dick and Harry can understand.

Have everything you think is your USP or not wish the customer to miss on your home page. But, do not clutter it in any condition. Look at the image below to understand how proper designing can make the navigation easy for your customers without cluttering the pages:

This way you are not only giving choices to your customers but also making everything – from choice of budget to choice of brand available at one place. Such designing not only looks good but also makes the navigation simple by cutting down on unnecessary search results on your website, making the purchase process quicker for the customers.

Get ‘Up, Close and Personal’ with the Product

Let your website be the only place where customers see what they are going to get. So, have everything you can about the product on your website – from images to video demonstrations. If you are into products like clothings where video demonstrations cannot be given, then have images of the product from every possible angle.

Focus on the Content

E-Commerce Websites should always focus on the content. Your site should be the only reliable source of information customers have while buying the product. Make sure you describe the product in the maximum number of words. If you are selling an electronic, then list all the specifications. Also, have reviews of the product you are selling. It is better to feature reviews from known websites or experts on your site other than unknown individuals.

As you see in the above image, with product description you will also find the list of key features of with technical details.


Simplify! Simplify! And Simplify! This is the thumb rule for every ecommerce website when it comes to driving sales.

Categorizing is one of the easiest ways to handle the website as well as simplify things for the visitors/buyers. This helps the customers to understand what products the website is offering without having to search for what they are looking for. Here is an example of how you can do it the best way:

Have a Festive Catalog

Festive Catalog is a way to show your customers that you care and deliver everything they look for. For instance, ‘Fathers Day’ is round the corner. Then it is always advisable to have gifts and even discounts for the day. This is one sure way that will not just drive traffic but even shoot up your sales.

Have ‘n’ Number of Choices

Every individual is different and so are their choices. Isn’t it better not to take a risk and have everything for everyone? Let us take an example of our daily lives. When it comes to buying a set of headphones for your cellphone/music player, you may go for white but your friend will prefer only and only black, and will not buy any other available color. And being into an ecommerce business, you cannot afford to lose this customer. Because when it comes to the virtual world there may be thousands of customers who prefer only and only black headphones. This is how some of the ecommerce sites are providing choices to their customers:

More the choices, better the sales.

Be Quick! Or else you will Lose your Customer

Remember! The competition in the virtual world is far more than the real world. Make the purchase easier and quicker for the customer or else they will go somewhere else. Tell them you have what they are looking for, let them choose what they want (color, size, brand, etc) and make them pay as quick as possible.

Deliver what you Promise

‘Trustworthiness’ is the only factor due to which people refrain from online purchase. If you ask online shoppers, you will notice that they trust particular website and purchase products only on that website even if their prices are higher compared to the competitors. So, make sure you deliver exactly what you promise. If there are any terms and conditions related to the physical condition of the product or the payment gateways, state it clearly on the website. It is advisable to have a ‘terms and conditions’ section for every product, so even if the conditions differ you can mention it clearly without the customer missing it.

These are the steps that will definitely boost the sales of your e-commerce website. If you have any more ideas regarding the same, do share with us in the comments below.

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Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.