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Before starting with the bombardment of many benefits of Google Webmaster Tools, let us first
understand this tool with this simple video. Forget the lengthy, complicated technical details. This video will definitely make the Webmaster Tools concept clear to you even if you are not a techno freak.

So, as you now know that every website owner, if wants his/her website to do well in the virtual world, then having a Google Webmaster Tools account is a must. But if you are still confused about having an account, then here are some of the key reasons for creating an account.


Firstly, the key SEO benefits

  1. Count your Backlinks: Webmaster Tools keeps a record of your backlinks. This record will tell you exactly how many and which pages link to your home page, and other individual pages on your website. Based on this data, Google ranks your website.
  2. Search Queries: With Webmaster Tools, you will also be enlightened on which search queries are directing to your webpages. Hence, according to the terms or phrases used by the searchers to find your website can be later used as keywords in your ad text.
  3. Analyze Web Content: With Web Content Analysis, Google Webmaster Tools actually looks into your on page SEO. They bring to notice the crawl and index page issues. Beside these issues, it will also give you a list of URLs that have duplicate meta description or title tags. Hence, making it easier for the website owner to work on issues that are interrupting the traffic.
  4. No more site errors: As Google Webmaster Tools provide you a data of all the errors on your webpage – from broken links to crawl errors, you can work on them immediately and improve your site’s quality.

Key Technical Benefits
Help you know your site’s load time/speed: As per Google’s ranking algorithm, the page loading speed/time is considered while page ranking. Knowing your site’s loading speed was difficult earlier. But with Google Webmaster Tool’s ‘Site Performance’ tool, the website owner can now track the load time and speed and even have a historical graph of the same. This will allow you to work on the loopholes, if any and improve your site’s ranking.

Have your data even after migrating to a new domain: With ‘Change of Address’ feature, you can inform Google about you migrating to a new domain name. Google will hence move your historical data from your old website to the new profile.

Do you have more benefits to share with us? Feel free to comment below.

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Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.