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If you can’t get them online, catch them offline! This is the new marketing technique that a lot of top ranked social networking sites are trying to explore. Well, it’s actually true in case of the second ranked social networking site i.e. Twitter.

Only Last month, we’d updated our readers about the recent Gigya report which stated that Facebook Still Rules the Social Log-In War Despite Conceding a 2% Deficit in its social log-in market share value with Google+ snatching up the second spot to leave a surprised Twitter in the third position. The second ranked social networking site has acknowledged the fact that for the past 12 months, it has been experiencing a bit of growth problems despite the fact that ad revenues have been pouring in.

This has got Twitter thinking and that’s why it now wants to explore new avenues to give its marketers some breathing space. Twitter is now looking to serve their ads to signed-out users as well. This is what Team Twitter wants to achieve through its new ad targeting option which will enable it to monetize on the offline traffic along with the new logged-in user base.

Not only that, the new ad functionality will provide its subscribed base of advertisers with the ability to reach out to more than 500 million logged-out users who visit Twitter on a regular basis without signing in. The 500+ million offline users includes both, the regular Twitter users who just signed-out and the other occasional desktop click-through visitors, who land-up on the Twitter page via Google ‘s SERP.

On the contrary, targeting these signed-out users may not offer the advertisers same kind of liberty they enjoy with the signed–in Twitter users where they have access to a wide range of targeting opportunities alongside demographic options. Furthermore, a recent announcement by Twitter states that the new ad option will enable its advertisers to expand their horizon by reaching out to a larger number of customers that too with just a click of the mouse.

Having said that, the scheduled test launch of the new ad option will go live initially for desktop promoted Tweets and Videos along with the web version of profile pages and Tweet detail pages. For the moment advertisers, through this new ad option, can target logged-out users across US, UK, Japan and Australia and see their response before opting to target users from other countries.

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