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This is still a sort of mystery with SEO’s that how to rank higher than their competitors or even to feature in the local and national SERP’s. But if you think from a user’s perspective, it is very important for me as a user to feel happy when I log in or log out from a particular domain or site.

That means more the number of happy scribes, more online traffic which contribute significantly to your SERP rankings. In short, you simply need to create some great content backed up with some excellent social media marketing skills and updated content management system, which in longer run helps you to build your local reputation and as well as brand authority. And if the user gets what he wants than not only that means increased SERP rankings but also get the dice rolling in your favor as far as ROI is concerned. But there is more to it. Just like the nuances of trading at the Wall Street, the backlinks are crucial to get higher rankings and in turn carving out a successful SEO campaign. Besides this, there are some other factors that need your time and attention, while crafting a perfect SEO campaign.

1)      Picking The Right Keyword

Picking up the right keyword is just like picking the right stock of the company from a mix. It’s an art to pick the keyword that is just right for you. This comes only with some past experience. The best SEO companies with proven track record know how to pick right keywords that small and medium businesses can afford. It is a mixture of Picking up the most searched keywords from the list and a bit of title tag adjustment. This is just like picking up the right stock of a particular company, which not only suits your budget but will also get you higher returns in the longer run. So if someone says to you that Keywords don’t matter anymore than you know what he is doing just over simplifying things for you? And that is also an indication that you need to overhaul your present SEO strategy.

2)      Upgrade Your Technical Skills

A part of a good SEO strategy is the practical know how of the coding languages such as HTML or CSS and stuff. Just like the stock market, where you need to be equipped with technical expertise buying and selling of stocks at a particular price point. You need to update your software from time to time so that when Google comes up with some major update like Panda, Penguin or Mobilegeddon then you don’t feel the pressure akin to a stock market crash.

3)      Just Write Great Content

Content is king and rightly so. If you don’t have anything new to say and what you say that make sense to your reader than you are well placed to reap the rewards of your efforts in terms of boost in your ranking. It’s like having the right mix of stocks that will fetch you higher returns in the longer run. But here is where the desired user content is found wanting. Most writers don’t have the skills to write engaging articles with perfect headline and clickable meta description. Serving perfect content to your targeting audience is a skill that comes only with time and experience.

4)      Social Media Marketing

When you have great content on board then ensure that you don’t let it stale or pass the expiry date, which brings us to next step, that’s the social media marketing. It’s important to market your content well on all platforms including the social media profiles. If it were easy, everyone would have 10,000 followers but that takes some doing backed up by a solid promotion strategy is an SEO requirement of the hour.


As the impact of the mysterious back links lingers on just like the volatility of trading at the Wall Street. With that said the need of the hour for the SEO’s is to greatly enhance the user experience with not only rich and engaging content but also promote it with the solid promotional strategy to reap the rewards in terms of higher ranking and of course better ROI per se.

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