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Google is continually taking strides towards the betterment of location & mobile marketing. Be it a mobile friendly update or the launch of Google My Business API, Google is encouraging “Near Me” searches to the maximum. People who search for “Service + near me” tend to make a decision faster as they are not only looking for the information, but they are about to make a decision as well. For instance: When a person searches “Restaurants near me” it is most likely that he will go there and grab something to satisfy his hunger. These micro-moments can be your moment to rise & shine.


Those intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences take shape are defined as “Micro-Moments” by Google. When people are actively looking to learn something, buy something or watch something, their expectations are higher than ever & they are willing to make a decision in a fraction of a second. 

So in these moments, people expect businesses to deliver exactly what they are looking for, instantly! For Example- If someone is willing to watch a movie in an an hour’s time, he will require information as soon as possible. And business owners who will succeed in providing instant results will reap mammoth benefits. 

Google has published a guidebook that sheds light on this new consumer behaviour and how brands can boost their sales by focusing on the shift to mobile & “near me” searches. 

They recently conducted a research & below are the findings: 

  • 69% people searched for travel ideas during spare moments, like while travelling through a bus or standing in a line. But when it came to bookings, they opted for an entirely separate channel. 
  • A whopping 91% people look up for information using their phones, in the middle of a task. 
  • 82 % users decide what to buy using their phones while standing in a shop.

‘I want to go’ moments, ‘I want to know’ moments, ‘I want to do’ moments and ‘I want to buy’ moments occur all the time and these micro-moments can change a consumer’s decision. So if you provide relevant results in those micro-moments, you can boost your sales. 

Autocompleting “Near me” 

Google is not only encouraging, but also creating micro-moments. We recently tested non-branded keywords such as lawyers, dental clinics, restaurants & more on both mobile & PC. We noticed that almost 90% of times Google autocompleted it with “near me”. 

Although, it makes a lot of sense; since when people are looking for banks, service centres or Chinese food, they are willing to find the nearest possible options. So encouraging the “Near me” searches is good from every aspect as it’s a win-win for all three parties – Google, businesses & consumers. 


Google has made it clear that they will continue the mobile-first approach and the business who opt for the same can expect fruitful results. But adhering to the mobile-first approach is not enough. You must keep an eye on the latest trends as well. 

Brands who will understand consumers’ needs in micro-moments & deliver exactly as per their expectations, will win the game.  There are many ways using which you can utilize location-based marketing. 

The micro-moments or “Near me searches” have escalated in recent times but there are many companies who have already opted for it and are now reaping benefits. 

So be brave & be ready to make some quick decisions. 

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.