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Emotions speak louder than words!! Well, no one can deny the fact that emotions are one of the most powerful forms of communication. This is the reason why emojis have now found a place in almost all business marketing communications. And just when it seemed like they had made it to Google PLAs (Product Listing Ads), Google took a U-turn on the issue by removing them altogether. This was when a Denmark-based advertiser somehow managed to get an emoji to be a part of his Google shopping campaign ads.

And if, as a part of Google’s subscribed base of advertisers, you’re also itching to do the same then you won’t be able to do so. Google recently revamped its merchant guidelines to completely scrap the existence of emojis from its shopping campaign ads.

The new Merchant’s Policy guidelines now makes it hard for advertisers to make use of repeated and unnecessary punctuations, capitalization, or symbols (such as emoticons, etc.) by listing them under the Don’t Use category.

On a serious note, businesses need to take Google’s words seriously on the matter as they want to make PLAs an emoji-free zone for advertising communications.

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