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Google started the year with a bang by delivering some free goodies to its advertisers. Initially, they launched an AdWords app for iOS users. They then followed it up with the launch of Google Analytics backed AMP Project. And finally, there’s the 24Hrs online support to its AdWords Search Advertisers. But amidst all this, it lost track of its AdSense publishers. According to Google, new AdSense account holders are seeing ads too soon on their linked websites; and it acknowledges that this is a bug.

The issue was reported by Google in its Google AdSense help forum, which reads as below

Some new publishers are briefly seeing ads after signup

Some new publishers have reported seeing ads on their blogs immediately after signing up for AdSense via a host partner site, but before their account has been fully reviewed. The ads stop showing after a few hours. Our engineers are currently investigating the issue and working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Typically, if you are a new AdSense subscriber then you will see ads on your website only after your AdSense account has been thoroughly reviewed. But if you’re seeing these ads immediately after signing up for an AdSense account then you now know that it’s actually a bug.

Google, as of late last year, had quickened the process for new AdSense subscribers. However, this seems like a major bug that requires Google’s kind attention; that too on an urgent basis!

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