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Social media giant, Facebook, is in the process of monetizing one of its popular messaging services, i.e. the Facebook Messenger. Well, that’s what the latest TechCrunch report suggests. According to TechCrunch, you’ll be able to see Facebook Messenger sporting ads on its platform in the next few months. TechCrunch claims that it had got hold of documents that Facebook sent to advertisers, announcing that by Q2, 2016 businesses will be able to target customers by serving ads via Facebook Messenger.

Customers, who have previously had some kind of communication with the company, will be the ones to be targeted through Facebook Messenger. Although, it’s only possible if the company has had some previous interaction with the customers. As TechCrunch adds, “To prepare, the document recommends that businesses get consumers to start message threads with them now so they’ll be able to send them ads when the feature launches.”

Terming it as a set of rumors, Facebook abstained from commenting on the latest TechCrunch report and announced, “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation. That said, our aim with Messenger is to create a high quality, engaging experience for 800 million people around the world, and that includes ensuring people do not experience unwanted messages of any type.”

However, the company did agree to the reports that said it has introduced a URL short link in Facebook Messenger. This link enables customers to have a quick chat with the concerned companies.

This new development on Facebook’s end comes on the heels of reports suggesting that the social media giant has been pressing businesses for past year or so to use the Messaging feature as a part of their customer service channel. To make it an interactive platform, they even included a Page Plugin feature to Facebook Messenger, last December.

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