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Every business, small or big, has a goal of its own. The goal can be anything from lead generation, selling products to even providing any sort of online help. In order to do all of this, we mean successfully, it is essential that you realize the importance of “Contact Page”. You surely do not want to upset your potential customers when they land on your contact page.

Once the visitors have found your contact page, it is essential that you get in touch and provide them with necessary information. There are some tested contact form or contact page optimization tips that we would like to share with you here. If you have something more to add to this list, feel free to put it in the comment box below. As a thumb rule make sure you have a ‘reason’ for every field on your on the contact form.

To engage your customers, you need strong enough a reason in place so as to what do you want your customers to expect out of the contact form. This can be differentiated in four parts.

Firstly, is it just a feedback form?

Secondly, is it a complain form someone might want to use. And having this kind of form makes sense rather than getting complaints via social networking sites.

Thirdly, is it just to make an enquiry? This may also act as a lead generator.

Lastly, do they want to just say a hello? In return, you can offer them a newsletter.

Finally, test, test, test. This can really work wonders and optimize your contact page. Try using a ‘testimonial’ column or may be offer them something like a free whitepaper , newsletter or even a free webinar. Tell us how you work towards optimizing your contact page.

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.