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YouTube is the second largest search engine and is used to share tens of thousands of news stories and interviews daily. Have you ever thought how a video gets viewed on YouTube, or let us say how does it get 'ranked' on Youtube for the people to view it? So, if a video has over 40,000 views, but with no comments will be ranked high? Or, a video with only 10,000 likes but favorited many times will be ranked higher? Or how about a video that has over 200 inbound links? So on and so forth. What really counts (factors, per say) in determing the ranking of YouTube videos?

Search engines keeps changing trends nearly everyday . So, to keep up with the recent happenings, it is essential to “get social”. It will not be wrong to assume that having a strong presence in the social space will be a major part to consider in any more future updates. With these recent updates in the Social Media world, it has become much more important now for the web marketers to understand different aspects of social sharing. This can actually help in increasing the visibility in the search engines.

Twitter for BlackBerry app introduces new features making it easier to share tweets, connect to the people and things you care about. Twitter for BlackBerry has furthur made it easy for users to share links to web pages directly from the browser. So, tweeted links will be automatically abbreviated so that it takes up fewer characters(140-character limit). And, photos can be uploaded to Twitter ( right from your device’s camera or while tweeting.