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If comScore’s latest report is anything to go by, then it’s Bing and not Google who is gaining mileage in terms of search engine popularity.

On the other hand, Google the No.1 ranked search engine is slowly losing both, market share value as well as volume in terms of Google searches being made. Compared to last year, Google’s search tally slipped from the previous high of 65.4%, whereas the No.2 search engine Bing topped its previous tally of 19.7% to be at 21.1%. However, the above numbers tell only a part of the story as they do not include mobile searches, which are currently outnumbering desktop searches.


According to comScore’s latest report, Google’s US search volume attracted 64.8% queries, whereas Bing upped its organic search volume tally from previous year’s to be at 32.2%.

The above data also signals the growing popularity of mobile searches over desktop crawls. As compared to last year, the sizable PC queries were down by 1.2 billion, which may have been transferred to the ever growing mobile users.


As mentioned above, these details do not include smart online searches, which are more in favor of Google as compared to the Yahoo-Bing search network. Moreover, the company reported on the basis of last year’s search report that in most countries, including the US, mobile searches are clearly dominating the desktop counts.

Accordingly, based on the above infographic report we can conclude that Google’s overall search volume is moving at 2X the numbers reflected above. As for a more comprehensive view on the present search scenario, we’ll have to wait for comScore’s combined mobile and desktop volume report.

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