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Earlier this year when Yahoo renegotiated its contract with Bing, they made a change. From now on Yahoo will be allowed to work with other search providers as well. Just after adding this exceptional point in the contract with Bing, Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer took an unprecedented decision.

Yahoo made a deal with Google for a period of 3 years. The deal entitles Yahoo to show Google’s search results and ads for both, mobile and desktop users. However, this is not an exclusive contract and although it came into effect from October, it is still not up due to several pending regulatory reviews. But reports disclose that Yahoo would have implementing circumspection, as the number of Google results that it can use is not yet clear.

The deal with Microsoft allows Yahoo to show 51% of organic and paid results on desktop searches. Whereas, Yahoo will be limited to having only 49% of Google’s organic and paid search. However, Yahoo’s mobile traffic has no limitation from third parties. But it can fall under another contract with Google!

Since we all know that Google is catering to mobile market, they will be more interested in tying a deal around mobile searches, and so will Yahoo. Whatever happens in the future, the deal between these two giants is going to impact future searches. And it will also bring significant changes and challenges to SEO and SEM.

We will keep you informed regarding latest happenings. Stay tuned!

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