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Google has this rather strange habit of pulling away features after a brief run. The latest to join the list of casualties is, which was designed to filter out searchers as per their residential status. So if you're a non-US searcher but have been holidaying in the country from past several months, then Google will redirect you to your…


  Google took steps towards more comprehensive search results by introducing Artificial intelligence “RankBrain”. 15% to 20% of queries that get asked every day have never been asked before. This is a huge challenge for even Google algorithms to figure out. This is why Google's engineers created a machine capable of learning artificial intelligence.

The next time, when you do some Google search and find “tweets” being displayed as part of the search entries, don’t be surprised because Google has now expanded its search by including Twitter content as part of the organic desktop search results. Google has even officially confirmed this development on Twitter handle and recently in an updated post on the Google blog post.