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SEO and Copywriting seem to be different genres in the same field. While SEO’s job involves trying to please the search engine, the copywriter’s job revolves around spreading marketing information. But here your SEO skills will take a backseat since we are focusing more on copywriting nuances which may differ from one individual to another. While it does take years of dedication to hone this craft, listed below are some of the copywriting tips that you can use to make your copy look awesome.

1. So, who inspired you today?

As they say, ‘The more, the better’. This phrase goes well with a lot of things including your pursuit for creative excellence. Even the father of advertising, David Ogilvy offers similar advice to the new breed of copywriters. In order to write a great copy, you’ll have to flirt a lot with your choice of words just the way it’s done in the song Mambo no. 5, a popular chartbuster from the music album A Little Bit of Mambo. And it goes without saying that you’ll have to do a lot of R&D and take inspiration from various sources, which nowadays are available right at your fingertips.

2. Make them ask for more

As a copywriter, you only have eight seconds to create that indelible impression on your intended audience. Intrigue your readers a bit with the plot to create further curiosity and see them ask for more. You can also spice up your copy with some relevant controversial statements or make it so visually appealing for them that they’ll not lose your page in a hurry. In short, you only have eight seconds to turn your audience’s brief stay on your page into a visit to remember.

3. Sell yourself well

Your copy speaks a lot about your personality too. So, if you desire to make that sudden impact on your target audience, ensure that you’re selling yourself well. Try to enrich your audience’s brief stay on your page by adding value to their life. This will not only help you develop a great rapport with them but hopefully close a marketing deal as well.

4. Turn some heads with Catchy Headlines

Often a great piece of content goes unnoticed if it’s not accompanied by a catchy headline. While there are many online resources available right at your fingertips writing good headlines comes with some practice. So, when you’ve finished writing your copy, just search for some appropriate headlines to catch your reader’s attention. The best way in which you can test the effectiveness of your headline is by putting yourself in place of your readers and seeing if it entices you to take that next step.

5. Keep it simple, stupid

Most copy writers religiously follow the KISS formula in their search for excellence. While this approach does help in keeping the proceedings simple and within understandable limits, it may not excite your certain gender specific audiences. And if your copy is filled with errors and typos then it will only bore away your audience. Hence, writing a copy that is easily comprehensible and devoid of errors is a must to get those high numbers in your views column.

6. Hey pal, what’s the Real Story behind it?

Storytelling is an art in which like a Hollywood teaser trailer, you can pitch your ideas to generate an instant emotional response among your audience. It also offers you with an opportunity to communicate with your audiences, who are searching for something in your content. So, if your story satisfies their curiosity then rest assured that you’ve just converted a regular browser into a potential buyer of your product or services.

7. Price doesn’t matters

Some decades ago, it used to be a great marketing strategy to inform your consumers beforehand about the affordability of your product/services. But it may not help the bottom line of your business, if you’re using the same decades old tactic to entice a new breed of consumers. The new generation hates being sold to since they look for the real reasons as to why they are paying that price for using your product/services. So, if you can suffice your consumers’ ‘why’ then your product/service will be in great demand.

8. Give them more reasons to buy

If your marketing copy is able to satisfy your consumers’ FAQs then they are more likely to purchase of your goods and services, irrespective of the price. Scientifically also, this fact has been proven that your intended target audience tend to agree sympathetically with you if you can clear their doubts pertaining to the purchase of your product and services. Hence, ensure that your marketing copy is drafted keeping your consumers’ FAQs in mind.

9. Focus more on ‘What It Does’ than ‘What It Is’

Interact with your reader in more active voice by using verb phrases than the passive adjective tones. Research shows that you’re more likely to get positive results if you put more emphasis on ‘what it does’ and how your product/service can help the user than to describe ‘what it is’.

10. Pitch it the right way

As a copywriter, you need to be more concerned about pitching it right for your product/services than showing of your English language skills. You’re sure to get more chances to showcase your language skills so don’t make any of those heavy statements in your marketing copy.

11. What’s inspiring you lately, mate?

Often copywriters get stuck in the middle of their creatives. And if you’ve a habit of jotting down all your ideas in one place, then you’re more likely to be spared in that moment of crisis when you’re short of inspiration. Hence, make this activity a part of your daily routine. It will inspire and help you finish the job.

12. Write with a sense of Purpose

Your marketing creative should always have some purpose behind it. Creating tons of content without any purpose can be a great idea to showcase your writing talent, but it may not help improve the bottom line of your business or your content marketing goals.

13. Don’t let Distractions kill your Creativity

Unless, of course, when you’re communicating with your clients, don’t bother replying to a Facebook chat or a Twitter conversation or even listening to music, when your creative juices are flowing at the optimum level.

14. Show me the facts

Always ensure that you support all your claims with relevant, hard facts so that your intended audiences will more or less agree with you and may end up as potential buyers of your product/services.

15. Play to your strengths

As a copywriter, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. While you can surely improve upon your weaknesses, always rely on your strongest points to not only convince your readers but also to build the credibility of your brand.

Your Takeaways

The above mentioned are some professional copywriting tips that you can use in your search for excellence. It surely is an art which differs for every individual, but it can be grasped easily based on your language skills. While it offers a great platform to improve your writing skills, it should not be taken as a medium to prove your proficiency in English language skills. Just use them to improve your skills as a professional copywriter.

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