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One Time Setup
Traffic Plan
Account Setup Fees - - -
Keywords/Adgroups 6 Adgroups 300 600
Search Engine google google google
No. of Project Managers N/A 1 1
Artificial Intelligence new*
Conversion Focused N/A
Click Focused N/A
Search Network
Display Network
Banner/Image Ads
Analytics Setup
Analytics Analysis
Linking Adwords with Analytics
Website Funnel Tracking
Site Speed Report
Analytics Code Checker
Search Query Analysis
Conversion Tracking
Click Fraud Monitoring new*
Call Tracking Integration*
Call Tracking Set-up $15.00 $15.00
Form Tracking new*
Product Ads Set-up
Landing Page Recommendation
Landing Page (Template Based) new* $49 $49 $49
Video Ads Campaign*
Dynamic Search Ads
Google Ad Site Extensions
Website Usability Report
Conversion Analysis Report
Quality Score Optimization
On-going Optimization
GeoTargeting N/A
AdText Creation N/A
Adtext A/B Testing N/A
keyword matching options N/A
keyword bid management N/A
Traffic Statistic Analysis N/A
Mobile Website Call Tracking new* N/A
Agency Platform Reporting & Customer Dashboard
Month 1 Setup Report N/A
Weekly Report N/A
Monthly Report N/A
Bimonthly report N/A
PPC Broken Link Checker Report N/A
Call Tracking Reporting N/A
Call Support N/A
We have attractive renewal options available at the end of the campaign. Please get in touch with the sales rep / concerned project manager for further details