Why Choose Agency Platform?

Free PPC Audit Reports

When you subscribe to Agency Platform, you will be able to generate free PPC audit reports for all your clients. You can generate unlimited PPC audit reports.
Low VisibilityWe give you breakup of important keywords for which you are not visible on first page. By identifying such keywords and tweaking their bid strategy you can significantly increase clicks/ visibility for your campaign.
Visibility Score
Dead Keywords Checker
Dead KeywordsFind how many of your keywords are sitting idle in your account. You can review these keywords and remove them to better organize your campaign.
Quality Score Check Our tool checks your quality score from Google Adwords and audits your average quality score.
Quality Score Check
A/B Testing
A/B Testing Find out how extensively you are doing A/B tests for your Ads.
Are your ads attractive?Find how many of your ads are attractive and use words which drive call to action. In simple terms it will check if your Ads use words which will make users click on your Ad.
Non Performing Ads

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