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Project Collaboration

This tool allows you to collaborate with your clients on multiple levels, on a real time basis.
Dashboard Project Collaboration
Pending Issues
Client Non-compliance
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Pending Issues This displays the information which is pending and due from the client side. Get Started Now !
Reports You can keep your clients updated on the status of the projects via monthly or on-demand reports. The reports are archived too and this helps the clients access back-dated reports too.
Project Timeline
Timeline This is a scheduled calendar of the activities of the project earmarked for a specific day or days. As and when the activity is completed it gets checked and serves as a proof of completion. The unperformed activities are highlighted in red. This helps the client keep track of the activities that are performed and those that are left undone. As far as the completed and checked activities are concerned the client can cross-check the same with reference to the Conversations.
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Conversations This is a multiple level conversation venue where you can have a real-time or deferred communication with your client, and, other people connected with the project. When you communicate with your client through this tool, a notification is sent to his email with the text of your communication, simultaneously, and serves as an additional alert to the client. Conversations can be supplemented with file attachments.
Subscribers This refers to the number of people who are involved in the project and who are let in to the conversation. The Conversation can be shared universally with all the subscribers or with select subscribers on a 'need-to-know' basis.
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Project Details This displays the details of the project website which the client has shared with the reseller and indicates the ones which he has chosen not to. Get Started Now !

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