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Facebook Management

This is one of the best social media tools, which helps in customization of the social marketing experiences to help your clients engage social network users. This tool allows agencies and clients publish, monitor, evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and manage social media content from one central location.

Twitter Management

Managing, again is not easy, so one 'must-have' social media management tools. We provide agencies and website owners with valuable tools and features for Twitter management. With our Twitter management tool, you can post tweets, schedule future tweets and get reports for your Twitter account.

Online Reputation Monitoring Tool

Aggregation is important these days and only a few social media aggregation tools qualify for the same. Online reputation monitoring provides agencies and their clients with information about the sentiment associated with a particular business name or keyword, whether the sentiment is positive, negative or neutral.

Mobile Website Generator

Mobile websites are a craze now and it is being considered as one of the potential social media tools. Here is something you would like to make use of, mobile website generator. You can create a mobile version of your website for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and generic devices like mobile phones in three simple steps.


Targeting business, here is one of the most important social media tools for business, LinkedIn. This website, which manages your client's professional / business identity and gives access to knowledge, insights and opportunities, can be accessed from the Agency Platform. Time and effort in logging in on a separate window is avoided.


Analytically, having social media analytics tools is always on the list. Feedburner is a feasible option; your client would want to make use off. We set up feedburner to your client's website and this allows your client's customers to subscribe to the feed of the website via email. Feedburner is a feed enhancer. It takes your default wordpress and adds more functionality to it without any modification from your end.

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