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The popular photo and video messaging app – Snapchat is gearing up to take the social advertising world by storm. Just a year into launching its first ad and Snapchat is revamping its Application Programming Interface (API) to strengthen its advertising base and compete with other the top ranked social networking sites. Snapchat, which was launched just 5 years ago,…


With virtually every business now going online, the concept of native advertising is catching up fast with a lot of next-gen marketers. It indeed does make sense, since it's fast, effective and gets the desired attention without disrupting the content experience of your target audience. And like everything else, pros are accompanied with a lot of cons. That's where the…


SEO and Copywriting seem to be different genres in the same field. While SEO's job involves trying to please the search engine, the copywriter's job revolves around spreading marketing information. But here your SEO skills will take a backseat since we are focusing more on copywriting nuances which may differ from one individual to another. While it does take years…


When it comes to credibility, nothing can beat Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). This is the most ancient yet effective form of advertising because people may hear recommendations from mammoth mediums like T.V, Radio, Display ads, PPC and even from their favorite celebrities, but in the end they will trust their family and friends. Despite being powerful, only a few…


  While smart shoppers were busy bidding for the best online Black Friday deals across various e-commerce portals, they were unaware that their online gadget behavior was being scrutinized. It's an understandable fact that smart phone searches have a bigger say in our daily activities, right from finding physical store locations to checking out store working hours and comparing product prices while browsing through various product categories.


  Much like the popular Tom & Jerry rivalry, there's one hell of a contest going-on between two search rivals. Google, like Tom, the giant virtual cat of the search engine is doing everything to out-do its rival Facebook who, like Jerry, is the big virtual mouse of the internet world. After Facebook's announcement made in the recent past about a new pack of features they introduced to lure advertisers, it now seems like Google's following suit.