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Till a few years ago,Links formed the core of Internet . Most people spent their browsing time, clicking from link to link, either looking for a particular information or just casual browsing. Links were also the basic way for all search engine operations. Websites increased the number of links on their pages, to raise their rank in search engine results. Infact, the “Page Rank” algorithm said that it was this innovation( web of links) that led to Google's success.

Who, today is not a social media addict? Who does not post having a cappuccino or cold coffee or tea in the evening? Who does not shorten the sentimental messages to 140 characters and make sure the message reaches the world, does not matter if it reaches the targetted person? We have to agree that social media has become a crucial part of routine, and it has made drastic changes to our lives.

Social media, today is seen as a medium to strengthen customer relationships and enhance the brand. Nevertheless, you should know the right ingredients to have a successful social media setup. You definitely know that you need to encourage brand loyalty by identifying interested customers and engaging with your fans and followers.

The +1 button has gained popularity, but still is not as popular as the 'Like' button or the Tweet button. However, the benefits one can reap out of the +1 button are competitive, in fact better. What makes the +1 button important for your business?